I want to understand something very basic. How does trading work between BTC & USD.

Let's say I have 1 BTC at US 100. The naive idea is "buy low" and "sell high". But I don't grasp how that work, ie, how is possible to profit in both directions.

If the value of BTC change this way (value in USD):

110 85 102 40 70 90 115 130 100 200

What I need to do to turn a profit? And if my plan is that I don't lose more than I invest at the start?


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Pretty simple. You just make money on the differences when you buy/sell (taking in to account fees).

In your example, you start with 1 BTC purchased at $100 USD. Assuming no fees, you would:

  • Sell at $110 (Profit: $10)
  • Buy at $85
  • Sell at $102 (Profit: $17, total: $27)
  • ... and so forth

Now, you could get even more creative, since you can purchase fractions of BTC. In this case, you could:

  • Sell at $110 (Profit $10)
  • Buy 1.294 BTC at $85 each for $109.99
  • Sell at $102 for $131.98 (Total Profit: $31.98)
  • ...

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