I'm using btc-e.com verification, in the Finances section. It supplies two key codes and has a square bar code to scan. I've set up my google account for two-part verification, and google is ALSO supplying a keycode. I've downloaded the bar code reader, but apparently I have to do something with these 3 keycodes before the bar code reader will give it's 6 digit code for me to enter in the btc-e.com security/finances section.

Can anyone tell me where I enter the google security code? And also tell me where I'm supposed to enter the two btc-e.com security codes? I need explicit step by step instructions, which I can't seem to find online. thanks, PS. I am a complete noob at this. I've read similar questions and answers on this forum already, but they don't explain WHERE these codes are really supposed to go.

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