Why is it giving me this error and not receiving my bit coins?

The system cannot find the path specified ".org.multibit.file.WalletSaveException"
Cannot save wallet 'C:\Program Files\MultiBit-0.5.15\null\MultiBit\multibit.wallet'
Created wallet "C:\Program Files\MultiBit-0.5.15\null\MultiBit\multibit.wallet".
Could not load the wallet file "C:\Program Files\MultiBit-0.5.15\null\MultiBit\multibit.wallet". 

Checkout pywallet. Its a python script that may be able to help you out by recovering your private key. I've had similar issues with Multibit in the past. Is your wallet encrypted?



Check out the trouble shooting page. https://multibit.org/en/help/v0.5/help_troubleshooting.html

If you can get to the wallet file in terminal window or file browser, move it to a location that doesn't have null in it. null in a file path seems strange.

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