Please help! I look forward to your intelligent caring responses. Here is the situation: I'm trying to do the initial synchronizing of Bitcoin-QT, which hasn't progressed in 14 hours, and: - Significant BTC has already been sent to an address generated by the wallet. - My primary objective is to receive the BTC that was sent to me. If Multibit is a sufficiently secure/etc wallet alternative, I do not care about completing the sync process in order to use Bitcoin-QT ** - I just want to effectively receive the BTC that has already been sent.**

Here is the problem:

  • For the past 14 hours, there has been NO progress in the synchronization (after some progress in the time proceeding that). (The # of blocks processed has stayed the same, but the estimate of total blocks fluctuates - what i mean is, where it says "Processed 'x' of 'y' (estimated) blocks of transaction history" - the 'x' (i.e. blocks actually processed) has stayed the same for 14 hrs, the 'y' of estimated total blocks has fluctuated (sometimes larger, sometimes smaller).) - The golden arrow wheel on the bottom right is also not turning at all.
  • Also the following warning message is at the top of the Overview page: "Warning: Displayed transactions may not be correct! You may need to upgrade, or other nodes may need to upgrade."

Background on this: the whole synchronization was started over 24 hours ago, but in the middle of night Bitcoin-QT crashed. (I think the warning message appeared after the program crashed & was restarted.) Whenever I restart Bitcoin-QT, it takes 5 minutes of rainbow-wheel loading on "verifying blocks" on initial bitcoin-version screen.

(other info if relevant to resolving this: the machine is a Mac, Snow Leopard; Bitcoin-QT v.0.8.5-beta -- The progress bar shows about 1/8th complete. That has also not budged in 14 hours. -- I did try this on a different and faster internet connection/network for about 5 hours with same result except the last bar on the right did not go green like on my regular internet connection. -- I do have the original .dmg download file if that's of any help. -- I have restarted both Bitcoin-QT and the computer a # of times. -- When the progress was actually happening yesterday before the program crashed, the arrow-wheel was turning and there was no warning message.)

So basically the questions are:

  • Is it actually synchronizing even though there have been NO signs of further progress for at least 14 hours & a Warning message has appeared?

  • What is the most effective - and secure - way for me to actually receive the BTC that were sent to me to this Bitcoin-QT wallet-generated address? Should I ditch trying to synchronize and try to receive them through something like Multibit? (Even if the initial sync ends up happening I will likely ditch Bitcoin-QT anyway for something like Multibit, as long as it is sufficiently secure.)

Your help is appreciated! Neither the sender nor receiver of these bitcoins wants them to be lost due some sort of synchronizing malfunction, if that is what's going on. I look forward to hearing from you, oh intelligent caring knowledgeable BTC users.

  • You won't see your BTC in your wallet until it processes the blockchain up to the point when such amounts were sent to you - be patient or switch to Multibit/Electrum or an online wallet.
    – Joe Pineda
    Mar 5, 2014 at 12:20

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If you want to switch to Multibit, you can get the private key from the Bitcoin-Qt wallet using the debug console: Help -> Debug Window -> Console. Enter the command:

dumpprivkey public-address

This will list the private key associated with the public address you used to send the coins to your wallet. You can then import this private key into a Multibit wallet by following this guide to import a private key into Multibit.

If you want to keep using Bitcoin-Qt, you can download the initial blockchain and then start Bitcoin-Qt to synchronize with the network. Go here to download the initial blockchain. Delete the 'blocks' and 'chainstate' folders in the bitcoin data directory and then unpack the downloaded file in the bitcoin data directory. Start Bitcoin-Qt and it will rebuild the blockchain and then synchronize with the network.

The bitcoin data directory can be found here,

  • (regarding the 2nd suggestion for Bitcoin-QT, the synchronization did make some initial progress, but is now apparently stalled, so i don't know how that would work.) Dec 4, 2013 at 7:15

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