So Im having a bit of a problem with my bitcoin wallet. See, I got into bitcoin about 2 years ago, back when bitcoins were worth very little real money, if any at all, but I managed to get quite a few. I recently found out they were getting bigger, so I tried to open bitcoin with my wallet, but it crashed, so I moved it from my mac to my PC. It said it was something like 200 weeks behind, so I waited, and now when its finally done, it says I have no bitcoins, but Im sure this wallet had some. Any ideas of how to get them back?

I tried getting my wallet onto blockchain, but I always get the error- Unexpected end of file from server

Also, in my bitcoin qt, I dont actually have any addresses

  • By the sounds of it you either didn't copy the wallet.dat from your Mac properly (it made a new empty one instead) or didn't copy it fully (end of file means it only got half the wallet). Either way you certainly don't have a workable wallet on your PC now, do you have another backup of your wallet.dat? Otherwise your options are severely limited.
    – Anonymous
    Dec 5, 2013 at 5:38
  • I have exactly the same problem. Any ideas? Did anything work?
    – user10381
    Dec 7, 2013 at 19:19
  • Install new client into your Mac from bitcoin.org it wouldn't replace or delete the previous wallet.dat and you will be able to access it.
    – Marek
    Jan 6, 2014 at 20:37
  • Do you have Time Machine backups? Restore an older backup of ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin/wallet.dat and try again.
    – hsmiths
    May 7, 2014 at 1:48

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Checkout pywallet. Its a python script that may be able to help you out. I've had similar issues with OSX clients in the past. You may also want to try finding an older version of the bitcoin-qt client for OSX and see if that works.



One thing that could have happened is that you got into sync on the wrong fork of the network. This happens sometimes - they make a new fork of the network, and if you don't upgrade your client before you hit a certain block your wallet is screwed. Almost happened to my DogeCoin wallet once.

To make sure you copied the wallet.dat correctly, on your Mac, go to Finder. Hit G. Enter ~/Library/Application Support/Bitcoin. Take the file wallet.dat and copy it onto a memory stick. On your Windows box, make sure Bitcoin is not running, hit winR and type in explorer %APPDATA%\Bitcoin. Delete everything in there, and copy in your wallet.dat. Launch up the latest version of Bitcoin, wait for it to get in sync, and then you should have your coins back, or at least most of them, depending on how many confirmations the transactions originally had.

If that doesn't work, your wallet is probably screwed. Bad luck :-(

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