Using Win7 64 bit I'm trying to get bitcoind (v0.8.5) to work.

Bitcoin.conf has the following content (in the %appdata%\bitcoin dir): rpcuser=12345 rpcpassword=12345

I run using command line: bitcoind -rpcpassword=12345

I then use the NIRSOFT app cports-x64 which shows list of open TCP/IP and UDP ports on computer. Bitcoind is in the list but only with port 8883.

Why is the RPC connection not working such that port 8882 (default RPC port) is open and mapped to

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You need to be running bitcoind with the -server option set as well as -rpcuser and -rpcpass. These can alternatively be set as lines in your bitcoin.conf. The RPC port will only be open on 8332 if all three of these options are correctly set.

  • bitcoind -server -rpcuser=USER_NAME -rpcpassword=PASSWORD with bitcoin.conf : rpcuser=USER_NAME rpcpassword=PASSWORD rpcallowip=* still no open port on 8332! Dec 6, 2013 at 13:17
  • -printtoconsole and check the output.
    – Anonymous
    Dec 6, 2013 at 13:21

QT's RPC API is set to listen by default to TCP port 8332.

Since you have specified the rpcuser and rpcpassword parameters in the bitcoin.conf file you don't need to explicitly specify them upon your call.

In a Command Prompt, run: bitcoind.exe -daemon -debugnet -printtoconsole and then open a new Command Prompt and type: netstat -a, once the RPC API is listening for connections you should see this: TCP myHostName:0 LISTENING

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