I wanted to give mining bitcoins a go. I set up a wallet and downloaded GUIMiner. I also signed up for Slush's pool and all of that fun stuff.

However, my GPU seems to not accept anything. I have zero accepted and two stale/invalid.

My CPU is running GUI and has accepted shares. It's running at ~3.6 Mhash/s.

My GPU is HIS' Radeon HD 5770. It also says it's running at ~890 Khash/s which seems low. It's stably overclocked and has been for some time now. How do I properly set up this GPU on GUIMiner?

My current preferences are set to -v -w128 - that I saw that on the hardware settings Wikipedia page.

  • What exactly is your question? Is it "why is my 5770 only getting 890KH/s"? And do you mean HIS? And are you sure you didn't download the scrypt version of GUIminer? Dec 6, 2013 at 8:15
  • Ya my question was "Can anyone run through how to properly set up this GPU on GUI miner?". And ya I meant to put HIS I apologize. However, the answer below made me rethink bitcoin mining. I am currently mining LTC instead and am seeing some pretty decent results with the 5770 so i'll just stick to that. thank you!
    – user10264
    Dec 10, 2013 at 1:26

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There isn't any point in mining with a CPU or GPU. You can get just a few MHash/s that are not enough to accept work from pools. If you want to mine, you have to have at least 1 GHash/s, and you need to buy specific hardware, like ASIC miners. There are a few companies like Butterfly Labs, KnCMiner and more where you can buy machines. The most recent one is from KnCMiner that release preorders for Neptune, a 3000 GHash/s machine for about 12,000 dollars.

You can also look at some cloud mining like cex.io. The price per GHash is much more, but you can trade GH any time.


What you are doing is going to waste money. Bitcoin mining with video cards is unprofitable because of the cost of power. What I would recommend doing is how I am setting up. I am sure there might be a better way, but it's the easiest way I learned how to start to make a profit.

Yea, I just setup my mining setup through cex.io. All I did was setup a coinbase.com account and bought 0.3 bitcoins for $200, and now I have a buy order in for 5 GHash/s at .06 Bitcoin per GHash/s. No hassle, and I don't have to worry about the electricity bill. Still, I have to pay a maintenance fee, but I do have the benefit of all the extra merge mining I get from it.

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