So I am thinking about getting back into bitcoin and I recently discovered the ASICMiner Block Erupter. And I see that just about everyone has them running on a USB3 hub. Lets say that I ran 8 of these Block Erupters on a single hub that was connected to the rPi. Now I know that the hub is USB3 and the rPi has only a USB2 connection. Would that be okay? And would the rPi be able to handle or process the bitcoin mining application? Or would I need to use a little better PC to handle it?

I chose the rPi because it consumes low power itself, and I can have it run 24/7 than a PC.


I have used both Debian and Arch Linux on an rPi to run Butterfly Labs mining equipment; the rPi was able to handle up to 9 SC Singles with CPU to spare using recent versions of both bfgminer and cgminer. So I suspect that it would not have any difficulty driving eight Block Erupters.

Be sure to take some care in choosing your USB hub (it will need to be powered) and you may find MinePeon to be a useful package for getting things set up.

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