I get the following message when trying to send a buy/sell order through btc-e api using a variable: "you incorrectly entered one of the fields".

This is the line of code I use for sending an order:

APIMain.Trade(BtcePair.BtcUsd, TradeType.Sell, Math.Round(myAskP, 4), Math.Round(myAskQ, 4));

Sending an order via api does work when I enter it like this:

APIMain.Trade(BtcePair.BtcUsd, TradeType.Sell, 800m, 0.5m);

How do I force a decimal variable to be formatted like the line above? Anybody experienced similar problems?

  • might be helpful if you could mention the particular programming language you are using I'm guessing maybe Java?
    – Mark S.
    Dec 14, 2013 at 4:03

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The exact problem you're facing regards the number of acceptable decimal digits in the rate field.

You're trying to submit an order on the BTC/USD pair, which happens to have a max decimal allotment of 3. Meaning, you can submit an order for example 800.123, but NOT 800.1234 Not all pairs are the same. LTC/USD can have 6 digits, most BTC based pairs can accept 5 digits.

To get a list of exact information regarding the individual pairs, use this public endpoint for a JSON object that gives you all the values: https://btc-e.com/api/3/info

As far as I know, all pairs' amount fields can have a max of 8 decimals. You are rounding both the amount and rate to 4 digits. Fix the rate field and it should work.

Please keep in mind when I say "decimal places" I mean actual number of digits after the period in a number. Not the numerical type decimal that you are using. Using a double or float will work as well, provided they are rounded properly.


The problem seems to be in the Price. This worked:

APIMain.Trade(BtcePair.BtcUsd, TradeType.Buy, decimal.Floor(myBidP),decimal.Round(myBidQ,4));

Can somebody confirm that the price must be rounded to the nearest integer?

Bonne chance trading everybody......

  • Price and quantity are automatically rounded by BTC-e. I believe they round to the nearest number (e.g. 0.5 up 0.4999 down), still I would strongly recommend rounding down yourself to avoid missing trades due to insufficient funds.
    – Mark
    Jan 31, 2014 at 17:08

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