I'm trying to get my CGMiner to connect to my mining_proxy.exe which I have my network ASICminers running through.

I have tried these (below) in every combination I could think of, local ip,, local host, connecting directly to eclipse. you name it and it won't show the hashrate or what is happening in the mining operation.

- cgminer.exe -o  stratum+tcp:// -u worker -p 123456
- cgminer -o "|http://us.eclipsemc.com:3333" -u worker -p 123456
- cgminer -o -u worker -p worker

I need CGminer showing my hashrate and have some control over the mining operation.

thanks for the help

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you can use like this..

cgminer.exe --userpass usertes.worker1:123 --url stratum+tcp://stratum.bitcoin.cz:3333 --socks-proxy is the proxy with port.. modify with ur own proxy

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