I have a serious stash of radeon cards, some great, some fairly crap. I figure with them all running it all adds up.

Problem is, running a PC for each card will get expensive, so is there any known rig or way to mine using a bunch of cards and NOT have them all plugged into a PC of their own?


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I have found that the cheapest way to hold many cards is to put them in old motherboards. I have been buying motherboards off Ebay for $45, getting a $5 processor, a $100 PSU and connecting 4 cards per rig. I currently have 6 of these rigs running and they are great. As for heating I have built custom cases for my cards so they don't overheat. Using this method I've brought the cost to run each card down to about $50. In other words, it will cost about $50 per card to put it into a computer if you build your own off Ebay.

Another option, which is definitely more expensive but probably the type of thing you were hoping to find is a PCI Express Switch. These things exists and are how big companies can connect 20+ GPUs to a single computer, but they are prohibitively expensive in most cases.

Below is an example of my mining tower, if you would like more information on exactly what I buy and the economics behind it please don't hesitate to leave me a message.
enter image description here

  • what are you using to connect the cards to the board (risers?) .. do you do any PCI to PCIe adapters?
    – farinspace
    Mar 29, 2016 at 5:05

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