root@i-M116V:/var/www/cpuminer-2.2.3# ./minerd
[2013-12-27 15:22:35] 2 miner threads started, using 'scrypt' algorithm.
[2013-12-27 15:22:35] Binding thread 1 to cpu 1
[2013-12-27 15:22:35] Binding thread 0 to cpu 0
[2013-12-27 15:22:35] HTTP request failed: Failed connect to; Connection refused
[2013-12-27 15:22:35] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

I'm using a laptop with no GPU.

root@i-M116V:~# netstat -anp | grep 9332

i@i-M116V:~$ cd /home/i/デスクトップ/cpuminer-master/cpuminer
i@i-M116V:~/デスクトップ/cpuminer-master/cpuminer$ ./minerd -o ltc.give-me-coins.com:3333 -u sukarutinohu.1 -p 1

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You should sign up for a pool service and configure minerd to send shares to that service. Right now it is attempting to connect to a local instance of a scrypt coin (litecoind I would presume) on port 9332 for solo mining. If that is what you intended then verify that you have a server running and listening on that port. It is also not recommended to run minerd as root in case theres is a remote buffer overflow vulnerability in the application. You can check by executing the following command:

netstat -anp | grep 9332

This will tell you what application had that port open if any does.


You have to initialize the cryptocurrency's daemon (for bitcoin it is the bitcoind, for example) as a server and configure it to accept your IP address if it is hosted on another machine, via the rpcallowip=192.168.1.x command. The 9332 port is that daemon's RPC server to which your miner tries to connect and fails.

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