I have searched around for this and found the following article In getrawtransaction, what is the vout integer in the vin list?. However I am a very visual learner and this does not make much sense mostly because the two transactions I tested don't seem to follow the rule in the post or more likely I don't get it.

For transaction 1d7f54deccb7b2646a4ba83c6884dbac953b0588c8943d0e7e8f7c8f559d5d72 I expect the vout to be 1 which is correct and I validated through use of gettxid.

However for transaction ef96555197df4397ac4fed180903ce760fe8b59b85da83baba5ecd2a0fac7ec1 I expect the vout to be 2 which is not correct per validation with gettxid. The correct number is in fact 0.

Can anyone explain this to me why vout for the second transaction would be 0?

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VOUT is the index of the output within the transaction that the input is spending. The first output in a transaction is index 0, the second is index 1, etc. The transaction you referenced has two outputs, so it has outputs 0 and 1. You would reference txid:0 to spend the first output and txid:1 to spend the second output.

  • Thank you that makes a ton of sense don't know why I was having trouble with it! Dec 31, 2013 at 21:00

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