Is Bitcoin a threat or competitor to Paypal? Is this the reason that very few websites support purchasing BTC via Paypal?

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Unlike PayPal payments, Bitcoin payments are not reversible. PayPal payments are reversible up to 60 days.

Bitcoin is threat to the PayPal business in the sense that PayPal is global dominating online payment solution and bitcoin could replace PayPal payments in many scenarios, like ordering items online internationally or remittance (sending money to your foreign friends).

  • Thanks for the tip. Yes I think BC can be a very good replacement as Paypal greedily charge 4% per transaction without a maximum charge! Commented Jan 8, 2014 at 4:19

Bitcoin may be a threat to Paypal someday (hopefully soon!), but due to the current technical know-how, the majority of users are more comfortable with services like PP than they are BTC.

I don't know any service (outside of localbitcoins) that will sell you Bitcoins for Paypal directly, but there are some roundabout methods. Virwox will let you exchange paypal for linden bucks, then lindens for Bitcoins (~30% premium). Alternatively, you can buy an Amazon gift card from Gyft.com and then use that credit to buy wishlists from amz2bitcoin (~15% premium). They're not direct, but they get the job done.

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