I have run into the problem of my wallet being encrypted and currently locked. I am using Bitcoin-Qt. I have my password to unlock it, but I can't find an area in the interface to unlock the wallet.

Where do I enter my password to unlock?

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You will be asked for your password when you want to send coins.

Alternatively, you can unlock your wallet for a period of time using the walletpassphrase command in the console.


CLICK: Help CLICK: Debug Window CLICK: Console

Input the following command-line: walletpassphrase 9999999 true with the Password you created to Encrypt your Qt Wallet>. Hit Enter after you type this phrase.

After you close the Console-Your the lock in the bottom bar will unlock (though you may have to look carefully to see the change. If you hover your cursor over the lock you should see the phrase: "Qt Wallet is now ENCRYPTED AND UN-LOCKED- for block minting only." The warning about your client being unable to mint should disappear also.

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