In the sourcecode of PPCoin/SRC/MAIN.CPP line 1433 I read: fees are destroyed to compensate the entire network.

I want to turn it off that fees are destroyed, if I change this code will it work?

// ppcoin: fees are not collected by miners as in bitcoin
// ppcoin: fees are destroyed to compensate the entire network
if (fDebug && GetBoolArg("-printcreation"))
    printf("ConnectBlock() : destroy=%s nFees=%"PRI64d"\n", FormatMoney(nFees).c_str(), nFees);

If I change destroy=%s to destroy=%$$$, will it stop destroying fees?

  • I'll take a look through the code, but i don't think that is the only place it is referenced in that code – Joe White Jan 8 '14 at 21:33

No. That's a printf statement, so you will only prevent the printing, not the actual destruction.


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