I try use --net 'dogecoin',but display errors:invalid choice: 'dogecoin',How should I do to make p2pool join dogecoin Network

  • When you supply --net dogecoin program does look for p2pool/networks/dogecoin.py which seems that doesn't exist at all. Also, seems the Dogecoin mining where merged to the Litecoin one, so the dogecoin-p2pool is not likely to use. As I understand, just point it to --net litecoin and your doge miner would work. NOTE: I say what I understand reading the guides.
    – m3nda
    Dec 25, 2015 at 5:39

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This repo https://github.com/Rav3nPL/p2pool-rav

contains an updated version of p2pool that i know working with dogecoin network


Dogecoin was removed from p2pool because auxpow was added to it. You have to use the --net litecoin arg with mergemining setup to mine Dogecoin on p2pool.

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