It is said in the bitcoin wiki that:

The accounts code does not scale up to thousands of accounts with tens of thousands of transactions, because by-account (and by-account-by-time) indices are not implemented. So many operations (like computing an account balance) require accessing every wallet transaction.

so my question is, what solution would be acceptable to implement a program who would be in charge of thousands of account (like an e-wallet).

My first guess would be to run multiple bitcoind instances, in order to keep the account by daemon ratio under a certain limit.

Any other idea ?

  • Don't use accounts and use database rows instead?
    – John T
    Jan 14, 2014 at 19:15

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Several options:

  • Don't use bitcoind
  • Use bitcoind to interface the p2p network but ignore accounts and other abstractions
  • Hack bitcoind to use by-account indices

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