I was wondering if some economists started to create a research group around BitCoin, or published academic paper on it. In general, I was wondering how BitCoin was analyzed and studied in academic research.

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Currently, it seems, most of Bitcoin-related published research are of technical and legal nature (according to Google Scholar, Mendeley, Bitcoin Wiki). While there is some economical analysis performed by community (wiki, this question), I haven't managed to find any papers in peer-reviewed journals.

This discission on Quora explains some of possible reasons for this. Excerpt from top answer by Erik Madsen:

Overall, Bitcoin is a fine example of a currency market, but it hasn’t (so far) told economists anything new about how the world works. It’s not surprising that most research on Bitcoin is from a cryptography standpoint, because that’s really the interesting part of the whole endeavor.

and his comment on another answer:

Private currencies are no longer common, but they have existed. And the intentional opaqueness of the market, and it IS quite opaque, means that its utility as a data source is severely limited.

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