If I have my wallet on my computer, and I would like to transfer it to a Laptop or make a backup, how do I do that? And also, is it possible to transfer an online wallet to an offline wallet? Like from CoinBase to my Laptop?

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    You need to be specific. Which desktop wallet are you using and which online wallets? Coinbase does not provide a wallet service. They call it wallet but it's not a Bitcoin wallet as in a data package that holds your private keys.
    – Emre K.
    Commented Jan 22, 2014 at 11:58

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If you're using a client, you can just export the wallet.dat through an option, be sure to encrypt it!

If you need to move your Coinbase "wallet", you can just send the balance to an offline wallet address.


On your computer your wallet is stored in under Roaming which can be accessed on windows 7 by running %appdata% transfer the wallet.dat file on any computer on the same folder.


When you have a Coinbase account, you don't really have a wallet.

So best thing to do in your case is to create an offline wallet of your choice and send all funds over to it from Coinbase.

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