I know I can rebuild my block index by setting txindex=1 in my bitcoin.conf file and restart bitcoind with -reindex so that I can view non-wallet transactions using:

bitcoind getrawtransaction a93a668d9332e21d51380c7251bbf5ad47295ca9795e0ad6f2fe8d63b76af9aa 1

I'm currently in another situation however, in which I only have the recipient address. So my question is, can I list all transactions that have been received by a certain address, preferably including the confirmations that this transaction has gotten?

All tips are welcome!

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There is a blockchain tool call Obelisk which works like bitcoind in effect, they do have public servers open to save you having to download the whole blockchain. You need to install obelisk and sx tools (same authors)..

Info: http://libbitcoin.dyne.org/ also http://sx.dyne.org/history.html sx tools Git: https://github.com/spesmilo/sx Obelisk Git: https://github.com/libbitcoin/obelisk/

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