BitCoin is (arguably) the world's best chance thus far at a virtual currency (although it's very unstable). Even though it's a high risk, it is able to be converted to regular dollars, and some shops and online sites accept payment in Bitcoins.

Is there a way to convert BitCoins to regular currency online, or is there a world-wide travel website that you can use BitCoins to purchase flights, tickets, etc with?


+1 for fun question. Places where you can sell bitcoins are a plenty. You are a bit late though since the exchange rate was much higher earlier this year. Purchasing stuff with bitcoins isn't that widespread. bitcoin.travel lists about 10 travel releated places in the entire world that accepts bitcoins. bitcoin.it also has a list of travelling related vendors accepting bitcoins. All this may change quickly in either direction so watch these sites for updates.


You can convert Bitcoins to a number of currencies and have them wired to a local bank from many online exchanges.

Moreover, OKPAY is to soon accept Bitcoins, which will allow you to conveniently pay with your coins pretty much anywhere.


Localbitcoins.com for hand to hand exchages

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