cgminer can be configured to have multiple pools.

Is there a way, to have as first entry my private wallet, and as second entry a public mining-pool?

Doing so gives strange output:

[2014-01-29 12:40:16] Probing for an alive pool
[2014-01-29 12:40:16] Network diff set to 2.46K
[2014-01-29 12:40:16] Block change for http://xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa:9332 detection via stratum+tcp://freedom.wemineltc.com:3333 stratum

In my case, pool1 is my private wallet (xxx.yyy.zzz.aaa), pool2 is freedom.wemineltc.com. I wonder why pool2 shows up at all. Removing pool2 from cgminer.conf makes my cgminer work fine on pool1 / my private wallet.

  • You can set pool priorities with bfgminer. bfgminer is, imho, more advanced than cgminer. – Geremia Mar 18 '15 at 16:38

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