I had to refresh my computer do to updates and all my installed software such as Bitcoin wallet was gone after the process. I did back up my wallet almost everyday and also I did it on a external hard-drive, but when I re-install the Bitcoin wallet from bitcoin.org it give me a new receiving address and even if I have all back -up data and my previous receiving bit coin wallet where all my bit coins I have purchased were I do not know why is it not showing it in my new wallet. I have tried to recover and open my back up wallet files but it does not show my Bitcoins. Please help.

I did watch the recovery do to a failed hard drive but I can not access the files and I do not know how to get my Bitcoins from my old receiving wallet which I backed up on 2 places.

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    OK can you specify some more information, like which wallet software you are using, what EXACTLY did you back-up.
    – T9b
    Commented Feb 7, 2014 at 9:49

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  1. Go to your backup file of %appdata%/bitcoin/wallet.dat
  2. Go to your local file of %appdata%/bitcoin/ and delete the wallet.dat
  3. Replace the old Wallet.Dat

You should have all your bitcoins back now.

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