while trying to understand the address validation process, I fell upon this block : https://blockchain.info/tx/3d29f43a3278281192943276049c15e5f0d8c7e75d4d99a4cd6693113a948f48 In the outputs, the first two are regular pay-to-hash, but the last one is a pay-to-pubKey (the block was mentioned by the developers from blockchain.info as a bad solution to embed an ASCII message in the blockchain). My question is : as this pubKey is invalid, where does the address (1Du8MpTTV4VrQMHtgP4mG1Fq9q3ykb3L8h) come from ? I could not manage to get it by hashing the pubKey...


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Why is an invalid pubkey accepted in the blockchain?

It was intended as a message, not as a public key. It is accepted in the blockchain because it is a valid output script, whether or not it is spendable is not relevant.

Where does the address 1Du8MpTTV4VrQMHtgP4mG1Fq9q3ykb3L8h come from?

That address is a result of the software blockchain.info uses to generate an address from an output script. Why or how that works is something you'll have to ask whoever wrote it.

  • Thanks, and for the base 58 address, I was padding it with zeroes to get a standard ECDSA key but actually hashing it normally works...
    – user13404
    Commented Feb 13, 2014 at 10:43

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