Im running *coind on my local ubuntu box.

I see that "*coind getbalance [account]" will get me the total balance of a user account. And thats good and that works fine.

How do I get the balance of a individual users wallet (assuming they have more than 1 wallet associated with their account). For example, I have Wallet 1 with 10 coins and Wallet 2 with 20 coins for a total balance of 30 coins. How do I check the balance of the individual wallet (wallet 1 or wallet 2)?

I dont see any commands to view an individual addresses balance.

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You may also take a look at those:

  • getreceivedbyaddress <*coinaddress> - it does display you how many *coins have been moved to this particular address. It doesn't subtract payouts, which should be handled internally.
  • getreceivedbyaccount - use this instead of above if you use accounts.

Additionally, you can provide a second parameter to those being a minimal number of confirmations.


You can type 'bitcoind help' to get the available commands. You can also type 'bitcoind help command' to get more information about the command.

You can find your balance in multiple ways:

getbalance: returns the balance of your wallet.dat as a number, you can specify an account (if set) in quotes to get information for a specific account, the default account is '' (blank)

getinfo: returns an array of information about your bitcoind, including balance

listunspent: returns an array unspent outputs sent to addresses in your wallet.dat, you can put an address in quotes to get information for a specific address

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