Could anyone tell if Ubuntu Server has any advantages over Ubuntu Desktop for mining?

Basically, here is explained that there should be no big difference since that the Server and Desktop are different by initial packages installed.

I am wondering:

  1. if energy can be saved as you are not using graphical environment
  2. if GPU would have better performance in case it mining PC is manage by SSH connection against a monitor is connected to it when using Ubuntu Desktop
  3. if the mining PC will work better - I noticed that some icons (like updates) are not responsive on my Ubuntu Desktop after 24 hours mining a

Any others pros and cons about using server versions against desktop version that anyone can share will be helpful.

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I would highly recommend using Ubuntu Server for this, as long as you know what you are doing without a GUI. Not having a GUI at all means smaller OS size and much less OS tasks. This translates into more power savings. If you are using graphics cards, a non-GUI OS will improve your mining performance. If using an ASIC/etc. you probably will not see performance improvements, but you should definitely see power consumption improvements.

  • Thanks a lot. I wwas kind of knowing this, but need a confirmation.
    – gotqn
    Feb 21, 2014 at 6:54

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