I am a linux noob, so please take that in to account. I believe i have compile poclbm and all it's dependencies correctly however when I try and run it

python poclbm.py http://xxxx@xxxxx@pit.deepbit.net:8332 -d 0

I get the following error

21/02/2014 15:45:26, Setting server (xxxx@xxxxx @ pit.deepbit.net:8332)
pit.deepbit.net:8332 21/02/2014 15:45:26, checking for stratum...               
Segmentation fault

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be happening? Changing my logging a bit I can see it's a 3044 Segmentation fault.

Thank you


This turned out to be a problem with installing two different versions of the nvidia driver on *nix

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