I am able to createrawtransaction and sendrawtransaction but how am I able to specify a transaction fee for the miners?

I am looking at possibly large transaction sizes due to multiple inputs (around 100) and I have had a few of them never show up to their destinations and some of them do show up. I am assuming this might be due to the lack of transaction fees since I am using the exact same code to send both raw transactions.

So again, how can I specify a transaction fee in Bitcoind with creating a raw transaction.

And by the way, I am spending the funds from a multisignature address, in which 2 of the private keys are not controlled locally, so settxfee will not suffice. I want to write it into the transaction itself.


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The transaction fee is specified by the difference of the sum of inputs and the sum of outputs, i.e.

transaction fee = Σ(inputs) - Σ(outputs)

In other words, you set a transaction fee by sending more than you assign to the recipient.


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