Related to Where can I get tick by tick historical BTC price data? but I need volume data in association with price for all the time tick by tick


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    Volume is much harder to get accurately because the volume of transactions outside of official exchanges is unknown. Whenever bitcoins are sent from one address to another, they might be part of a transaction which involves Fiat currency as well. – Hans-Martin Mosner Jun 21 '17 at 8:19

Quandl.com offers volumes in addition to tick price data. This is, however, per exchange and not from day one of Bitcoin's inception.

More references and links can be found in this answer.


I have been using Poloniex API to get it.



You might want to try http://www.cryptodatasets.com/ It has free raw data and sampled data from Bitfinex and HitBtc (currently).

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Try https://tardis.dev it provides tick by tick BTC trade data you can use to calculate volume.

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enter link description here - quite some tick data available.

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