I've downloaded Abe and ran python "setup.py install". There were no errors. But what's next? I didn't find any guidelines on how to run Abe in README.


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The "Web server" section of the README explains this briefly:

By default, Abe expects to be run in a FastCGI environment. For an overview of FastCGI setup, see README-FASTCGI.txt.

To run the built-in HTTP server instead of FastCGI, specify a TCP port and network interface in abe.conf, e.g.:

port 2750
host  # or a domain name

For personal use, you probably won't want to set up a FastCGI environment (unless you already have one set up). So, you can use the built-in HTTP server using the configuration above. In the above configuration, to talk to Abe you would go to the following URL in your browser:

If all goes well, you should see the Abe interface.


To start doing some cool things with this project I suggest you to check out the README-MYSQL.txt

After installing all the proper requisites, modify your abe-my.conf to your server settings.

Then in step #7 it says initial data load. Witch, should take a couple of DAYS.

After those steps you can start your web server.

As Greg said, FastCGI is cool option as well. Though, I believe that it is more directed towards python developers. If you are a php guy like me, I would just make my custom applications connect directly to the MySQL database.

I would love to use FastCGI so that I can commit some cool scripts on this project. But, as I am a PHP developer, I rather make the use of Abe as a separate program that interacts with the db and having my APP to deal with that info.


You can also use toshi, for my project it worked better than abe.

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