I searched a lot about it but didn't get a proper answer I want to build my own bitcoin wallet and host it on my website for my personal usage and other visitors use.

If someone know that how to do that then please send me some links for reference


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First off, you'll need to have full access to your server, because you need to be running a Bitcoin-node (constantly) connected to the Bitcoin Network. So a simple shared server won't cut it. You could connect to your remote Bitcoin-node. But in that case, you still need a server to run that node.

The programmer's way:

  1. Install and run a Bitcoin-node on your server. HOW
  2. Learn how to use JsonRPC in your preferred programming language.
  3. Use the API to program your own virtual wallet.

(basically how all online wallets more or less function)

The lazy programmer's way

  1. Install and run a Bitcoin-node on your server.
  2. Use a third-party DIY self-hosted wallet, like Coinpunk

(Note: as indicated on the website, such projects are still very beta. Careful.)

  • How to install bitcoin node in system and how to call api's from it ?
    – Mohit Bumb
    Commented Mar 19, 2014 at 12:11

Even better is if you use a multisig wallet with an offline node signing for transactions through a controlled and logged limited interface, or OTP Full automation is always a risk. You are then trusting your automation to be uncompromised

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