I'm trying to submit blocks to the Litecoin Testnet, however everything gets rejected.

I got my raw value as 000000026af779be9f0cdadfa71cc8fff6b0dac590fc3cc511f78523c40100a16147d5f478f8bdae4d3f1a8f58a0872248c98794b525ce18dd7d2ce6a905db27a368794e5329d0c31d502b23007b9f7e

which hashed and reversed becomes 000000026ccd88a7df4a643e7fb4a27301a36f750e94d6cb4c9dce5736f35783

Should be enough to work on testnet. Diff checks out fine. Since there are no transactions at the moment, I get 0 transactions in my merkle tree, which should result in a 00 as the amount of transactions, and a total of 5000000000 satoshi as output value.

Now, when I add raw + count + outvalue and submit, I get "rejected".

On BIP_0022, which gives an overview of the error messages, it says rejected: a generic rejection without details. That doesn't help me.

Can somebody tell me what I am missing?

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