Is it possible for person A, person B, and person C to create a multiple signature address without one person needing to initially know all three addresses to create that public address in the first place?

Ideally 5 people somehow create an address together, maybe passing it on to each other? But only if 3 out of those 5 private keys are used, can money be gotten out of that wallet?


you need the public addresses of all persons involved in order to create the multi-sig address. So if you are creating a 3 of 5 multi sig address you need all 5 public address. in order to retrieve funds from that address you need signatures from 3 of the 5 people (or however signatures you require). Check out this example here ...that example was a huge help for me.

bitrated.com and https://coinb.in/multisig/ have open source implementations of this as well.

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