There are many crypto currencies now, BTC, LTC, MTC, Potcoin and so on. Each of these have their own wallet.dat files used by the client software.

My question is: Do all these crypto currencies make use of the same format of wallet.dat file?

pywallet.py can be used to dump the keys from a BTC wallet.dat file.

Can pywallet.py also be used to dump the information from a wallet of an alternate crypto currency like LTC/MTC and so on?

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The wallet.dat is a Berkeley DB file. You can parse it using following command (You need to install Berkeley DB on your unix environement first)

db_dump wallet.dat

I checked for Bitcoin and Litecoin and in both case the wallet.dat was using the same version of Berkeley DB.


I haven't try pywallet.py but I guess it should work for all these Bitcoin derived altcoins.

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