I'm looking for the best balance:

--load-balance Change multipool strategy from failover to quota based balance 


--balance Change multipool strategy from failover to even share balance 

How exactly it works?

E.g. there are 2 pool for different alt-coins with scrypt algo.

  • 1st pool: difficulty 1.1234
  • 2nd pool: difficulty 10.123

Is --balance set my cgminer to 90% for the second pool? Say, it will waiting for balance of ACCEPTED shares.

And --load-balance set power of cgminer to 50%/50%?

I'm afraid that one pool might go slow, will not give jobs. Will cgminer wait for this pool with --balance to keep balance of shares?

Peoples, I know that this is very old, overgrown with moss topic. Could somebody provide me with true link to the answer?

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From: https://github.com/ckolivas/cgminer/blob/master/cgminer.c

/* In balanced mode, the amount of diff1 solutions per pool is monitored as a
 * rolling average per 10 minutes and if pools start getting more, it biases
 * away from them to distribute work evenly. The share count is reset to the
 * rolling average every 10 minutes to not send all work to one pool after it
 * has been disabled/out for an extended period. */

So --balance looks to the diff1 count and tries to get an even distribution.

--load-balance looks at the --quota values and distributes work in proportion to the GCD of them, counting down until remaining quotas are all 0 and the values are reset.

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