I've sent a tx to a newly created multisig address on testnet, but I don't understand why I didn't get the funds yet.

What I've done so far was to create 3 separate wallets, and get the 3 pubkeys to create the multisig address from python bitcoinrpc, and just in case I've used the command line too:

>>> multi_list = ['0355f3c263aeb7859e53d3549d3c9bc99cd581154d16e259fe390e029d6bda5b78',
...     '030a53f844570b8c26794276e205cdeab87ab0d7802d2abb5116a5472e3adc7dc1',
...     '0210b58f846754a9d0d70e226688e0693a241fd58e315d738399e40e68308b88f9']
>>> btc.createmultisig(2, multi_list) 
{u'redeemScript': u'52210355f3c263aeb7859e53d3549d3c9bc99cd581154d16e259fe390e029d6bda5b7821030a53f844570b8c26794276e205cdeab87ab0d7802d2abb5116a5472e3adc7dc1210210b58f846754a9d0d70e226688e0693a241fd58e315d738399e40e68308b88f953ae', u'address': u'2N8DirDvhxVEm61b3JMc75Hsdqe8aWg9Vvu'}

Then, I've sent from another account some coins

>>> btc.sendfrom('myaccount', '2N8DirDvhxVEm61b3JMc75Hsdqe8aWg9Vvu', 0.15)

But on blockexplorer the vout address is marked as "unknown", and on btclook also the output was marked as "???"

The raw tx says, in the ScriptPub of the vout marks the "type': 'scripthash'"

What have I done wrong? Are multisig addresses working on testnet? (I assume yes)

Additionaly, I'm using bitcoin core v0.9.1 which was recently released.

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UPDATE: looks like the testnet blockexporer don't know how to handle the multisig addresses (probably because it was hardcoded the p2sh magicbyte from mainnet) and shows them as "strange", but my TX was confirmed ok and i was able to spend the incoming txs.

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