I'm trying to use the python-bitcoinlib in my bitcoin project. I now understand how I can send a payment, but I can't find anything similar to the getreceivedbyaddress() command I normally used.

Isn't it present in the python-bitcoinlib, is there a workaround, or am I simply overlooking something? All tips are welcome!

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It's probably not in there right now; look at the code in bitcoin/rpc.py and add it! Basically you just need to follow the same pattern as other RPC calls. When you're done send me a pull-req on github.

  • After I posted this question I indeed saw that the source code is not that difficult. Although I won't be doing it this or next week, I'll send you a pull request some time at github. Cheers! And thanks for actually creating this software! :)
    – kramer65
    Commented Apr 23, 2014 at 19:07

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