I am using coinbase api https://github.com/coinbase/coinbase-php and I successfully created order button but I didn't found anything to confirm or track that I have received payment.

    require_once 'lib/coinbase.php';
    require_once 'config.php';
    $coinbase = Coinbase::withApiKey(Key, Secret);
    echo $coinbase->createButton("Bullion Products", "10.00", "BTC")->embedHtml;

With this codes I am able to show Pay with bitcoins its showing correct values but just want to track with API that someone send me bitcoins so I'll do some action according to it.


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Use the callback URL, it will load it on the first confirmation.

Just have it load a URL that runs a script to notify you or record the transaction somewhere.


Create a payment button

This will create the code for a payment button (and modal window) that you can use to accept bitcoin on your website. You can read more about payment buttons here and try a demo. The method signature is public function createButton($name, $price, $currency, $custom=null, $options=array()). The custom param will get passed through in callbacks to your site. The list of valid options are described here.

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