I've just started upgrading my USB miners with Antminer U2's and so far everything is running well. I am able to run all of my miners OC'd to 2.0GH/s with the following command:

bfgminer --set-device antminer:clock=x0981 -o POOL_URL -u POOL_USERNAME -p POOL_PASSWORD -S antminer:all

However I would like to know if it is possible to specify these overclock settings in a config file... I normally have a config file with various options set up that I load using bfgminer's -c flag. I tried the obvious:

... "shares" : "0", "kernel-path" : "/usr/local/share/bfgminer", "scan" : [ "antminer:clock=x0781@/dev/ttyUSB0", "antminer:clock=x0781@/dev/ttyUSB1", "antminer:clock=x0781@/dev/ttyUSB2", "antminer:clock=x0781@/dev/ttyUSB3", "antminer:clock=x0781@/dev/ttyUSB4" ] }

but unfortunately that didn't work. Also my attempts at googling I found plenty of examples of people setting overclocking using the command line (or batch files) but none using a config file.

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"scan" : [

Couldn't you specify your clock rates with your launching params (your first code fragment) and then when you have BFG running, just save your current settings (Press [S] then [W]) and it'll launch just the same next time?

Not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly.

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