If I only have a public key string and a private key string written on a sheet of paper. How do I use those in bitcoin-qt?

If this can be added to bitcoin-qt, will it eventually show me how much funds that private/public key has when the block chain is synchronized on my computer?

I understand this action will cause the cold private key to become a hot private key.


I haven't tested this myself yet but I understand that you can use the info from a paper wallet and generate a transaction using http://brainwallet.org, that said brainwallet.org make some rather nice paper wallets much more info included the the blockchain.info paper wallet. Let me know if you send a Transaction using this would be interested to know if it works and how simple it was....


Use the importprivkey console command. The console is accessible via the debug window.

 importprivkey 5xxx.....

It will rescan the blockchain to find all past transactions involving the corresponding address and finally add its balance to your wallet. This process takes several minutes (or more) and bitcoin-qt may appear to freeze while it's working, so just be patient.

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