Does any proven third party code exist for this?


To be more specific, what I haven't been able to find out is how to get the sender's bitcoin address when receiving a transaction. As far as I know, bitcoind doesn't have a command that shows the prev_out hash.

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It is now possible to determine the list of addresses that sent a transaction using the raw transaction JSON-RPC API calls that were released with bitcoind and bitcoin-qt version 0.7. The pseudo-code to accomplish this is:

txid = <relevant transaction id>
addresses = []
raw_tx = decoderawtransaction(getrawtransaction(txid))
for(input in raw_tx['vin']) {
  input_raw_tx = decoderawtransaction(getrawtransaction(input['txid']))

Once you have the list of sending addresses stored in the addresses array, you can compare these addresses to a list of pre-approved green addresses. In most cases, you should expect there to only be a single unique address in the addresses array.

In order to get a list of suitable green addresses, you could hard-code it into your application, or you could use a dynamic source, such as Deepbit's JSON feed. This feed however, is notably missing Mt. Gox's Green Address


As of right now there's only two green addresses, MtGox and Instawallet. A simple string comparison would suffice. In the near future a dictionary would be the way to go and after that there'll most likely be a service that offers a "green address check".

TL;DR: Code is trivial right now. Proven code will come when it's needed but will also be fairly trivial.


Deepbit provides provides a JSON page with a list of popular green addresses:


Index that, then as lodewijk suggested string matching should suffice.

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