Im wondering to know, what is use of Create wallet programitically Block chain API Block Chain api here

What it will provide?

Where can i get the api code? Any tutorials ?

Can i provide my website users to Create Block Chain wallet. And provide funds transfer?

  • do you have a link? Jun 11 '14 at 9:11
  • updated in my question
    – user17010
    Jun 11 '14 at 9:17
  • What exactly do you mean with api code? on the side there is an example on how to call the api. Jun 11 '14 at 9:18
  • what is the use of this api?
    – user17010
    Jun 11 '14 at 9:23

This API allows you to create a new Wallet on Blockchain.info. It's the same as if you are registering on the webside but programmatically. On Blockchain.info you can do all thing either of the website or programmatically, which can be very usefull.

If you want to call the api from PHP, you need to send a JSON-Request to https://blockchain.info/api/v2/create_wallet.
For a tutorial of JSON-Request in PHP look here

For sending and receiving Payments you need to use this api:
There are also some examples in PHP on this site.

Blockchain.info does not offer a referral programm, so there is no reward for providing new users.

  • I have already worked on sendmany block chain api which allow to send more than one address and succeeded in that. What i need to know , can i provide my website users to create their own wallet by using create_wallet?
    – user17010
    Jun 11 '14 at 11:10
  • yeah i guess thats something what this api is made for Jun 11 '14 at 15:18
  • i dont want to make any referral program, Im not getting why create_wallet programatically for?
    – user17010
    Jun 12 '14 at 3:48
  • its just a option you can use. there is no special cause they did this api. Jun 12 '14 at 5:46
  • i got that but for what purpose we can use?
    – user17010
    Jun 12 '14 at 6:56

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