I am interested in the process of buying bitcoins, but I have many questions. First and foremost, how do I begin this process? I am looking to make my bitcoin wallet as secure as possible, so how would I go about doing that? How would I incorporate the process of buying bitcoins with Tor?

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If you want your wallet to be as safe as possible, you'll have to store it cold, i.e. create a Paper Wallet. There a several options with different safety levels:

  • Use an online generator, like Bitaddress and print the generated address/key
  • Use an offline computer with a ubuntu-live cd to generate address/key and print it

You can send bitcoins to this wallet, even though it's created offline, and never has seen the internet, or vice versa. For further reading about this, I recommend the first link, as there are some recommendations you should read first.

Buying bitcoins with Tor is a little more complicated. I never did it, and couldn't find anything about it. PrivateInternetAcces said Bitinstant was a good option, but the article is 2 years old, and bitinstant returns a white page. A local trade is a good option, find some people on LocalBitcoins

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