Does anyone know how to use multiple GPU's with oclvanitygen? I have these two:

Available OpenCL platforms:
0: [Intel(R) Corporation] Intel(R) OpenCL
  0: [Intel(R) Corporation]       Intel(R)
  1: [Intel(R) Corporation] Intel(R) HD Gra
1: [NVIDIA Corporation] NVIDIA CUDA
  0: [NVIDIA Corporation] GeForce GT 630M

What would be the command for using both of them if I want an address that starts with 1MYbtc?

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 -D 0:0 -D 0:1 -D 0:2  (etc for as many GPUs as you have)

Edit: Sorry I'll clarify for future users..

 ./oclvanitygen -i 1address 

gets me..

 Available OpenCL platforms:
 0: [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.] AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
 0: [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.] Tahiti
 1: [Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.] Tahiti
 2: [AuthenticAMD] AMD FX(tm)-4130 Quad-Core Processor 

So if I want to use the 2x GPU but not the CPU then I'll run..

 ./oclvanitygen -i 1address -D 0:0 -D 0:1

or if I want to only use the CPU then I'll do..

 ./oclvanitygen -i 1address -D 0:2

(yes you can use multiple processes so I could mine one address with one GPU and another with the other GPU)


Hmm, I was interested after your previous question, and tried to install it myself. Unfortunately I keep getting the

  vanitygen: pattern.c:164: vg_exec_context_init: Assertion `vxcp->vxc_key' failed.

error, and I have no sudo-rights to fix it right now.

However, to fix your problem, it runs on CPU, not GPU. And it already uses all CPU's, according to the README. If you have a quad-core CPU there will be 4 workers who have ~100% CPU each. If you want to limit the amount of CPU's used, use the -t <threads>-option.


on Windows for example:

oclvanitygen.exe -D 1:0 1YourName

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