Cryptsy has a lot of markets. Each market has its own ID. Now markets have an ID in the range [1,220]. Sometimes old markets are deleted. Are the IDs of that markets reused or not?

I have the same question for Bittrex and MintPal

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They don't reuse market IDs. For example, SaturnCoin (SAT) has been deleted and replaced with SAT2. That was market ID 168(search for cryptsy. It links to https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/168). If you want to go there, you'll be redirected to the home page. SAT2 has market ID 233. Why wouldn't they replace SAT/BCT with SAT2/BTC? Anyhow, market 248 (latest at the moment) does also exist, which is later introduced then SAT2 and probably also later then the removal of SAT. Based on this, I think I can safely say they will not reuse the market IDs. And why would they? It will only be confusing and frustrating.

For the other two exchanges, I am 100% sure they will not reuse their IDs. If you go to a specific markets, the url consists of something like BC/BTC. Unless their is some new coin stupid enough to launch with the same abbreviation , there is no chance it will have the same ID.

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