I have set up a node and been running for a few days now and a couple of payments have gone out form it which is good.

These payments are going to a coinbase wallet and there is a local wallet configured for fees and the fee is set to 5%.

I have had 2 payment come out of the system at around 0.002 BTC but no fee payments have been sent to the p2pool wallet.

Are they held to reach a certain amount or are they computed in a different way that on the payout amount.


  • This is sorted too. Fee's are calculated based on Shares not in payout, so if you have a 5% fee you should get around 5% of the shares go to the pool. Subject to variance of course. Just leaving a comment as I can't answer the question yet........
    – Errkal
    Commented Jul 12, 2014 at 17:07

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Correct - you will be awarded node_fee percentage of the shares found on your p2pool.

Relevant lines of code: https://github.com/jramos/p2pool/blob/master/p2pool/work.py#L197:L203

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