If I have a bulk wallet with, say 100000 key pairs (address/private key) and I have received payments on any, say 1000 of them, how can I sweep all the coins to a new address? It would be even better if I can do it from the command line, for example > sweep keypairs.txt 1Q7nrZ7PGWTtKVkQk1mLZovbJKEfLubXtv and all the available coins are transacted to the destination address. The format is for example:


A script exists on GitHub by the name of coinsweep.

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One way is to use Blockchain's import function, although they have a limit of 400 private keys per wallet.

Really you want to use the importprivkey function from the official Bitcoin client and loop through the file line by line:

cat privates | while read key; do bitcoind importprivkey $key; done

This is assuming the file consists of only lines each containing nothing more than a private key. Your example formatting would thus need to have the count, public keys and quotation marks removed.

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    I just realized that this will only import the keys but not, like you ask, sweep them into one address. – jorijnsmit Jul 20 '14 at 1:54

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