I'm looking to make a faucet website, but was wondering what is the maximum number of output addresses one can send to with one bitcoin transaction?


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Today the modern Bitcoin-qt client does not relay transactions with more than 200 outputs. But this is not protocol restriction. You can create transactions up to 100k size, which gives you 2500-3000 outputs (try to count the exact number yourself).

For example, tx https://blockchain.info/tx/0313e6552a5337de92c475c0dbbb0e351a1525b0f202beb9d4c75b3a5b114bf3 has 2501 outputs and was successfuly mined 3 days ago

  • Remember that the receivers won't be able to do anything economically with a few satoshi. No point in sending dust to people.
    – Jannes
    Commented Jul 31, 2014 at 9:25

You add to size of the transaction as you add more addresses, and eventually increase transaction fee.

If you don't add a minimum transaction fee, and your coins do not have enough confirmations then your transactions would be delayed for a day or more.

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