In Bitcoin Core the transaction id is appended with a dash and three numbers. They are usually 000. What do those numbers mean?

For example: b75b91ffc4b6f22b779ce45e4b140cf1d29dc894e368e3d8389c42444f870d5d-000


It's the index of the output in the transaction that credits you.

It's a bit of an unused format; typically ':n' is used, rather than '-nnn'.

This is because an entry in the transaction ledger doesn't really corresponding to one transaction, but to one output of it. For example, a transaction could have multiple outputs that all credit you.

  • Oh, no! Bitcoin-Qt starting from version 0.9.0 uses this in transaction description dialog. For example: Status: 94 confirmations // Date: 03.08.2014 03:01 // Credit: 0.00012886 BTC // Net amount: +0.00012886 BTC // Transaction ID: 8c19f75d82f1d789b1f5762afc1ce9a36848af4aa9780c96ec02d99be9ca3edf-000 // This is transaction ID, nothing about its outputs
    – amaclin
    Aug 3 '14 at 12:40
  • As I said, what the ledger calls "transactions" are really transaction outputs. The -nnn part identifies which output of that txid the entry is about. Aug 3 '14 at 14:38

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